The 5 Roll Coater can be seen as the “heart” of the entire production line. It is created to apply 100% UV curable silicone solutions to different web materials in a high accuracy in grammage and surface distribution. The rollers are positioned hydraulically against precision limit stops with micrometer gauges. They are adjustable in distance, pressure and relative roller speed independent from each other. This secures very thin and precisely applied silicone of coating weights of down to 0.6 g/m² dry.

In our production we use solventless UV curing Silicone release coatings. The interted UV equipment ensures instant and complete cure at high web speeds. The free radical UV curing happens at room temperature and allows converting of heat sensitive materials such as thin plastic films

We are able to offer you 1 side and both side silicone coated liners (matching or diferential release properties)

Max coating width: 1600 mm

Inside core dimemters: 76 and 152 mm